What Are The Benefits Of Using Egyptian Cotton towels?

egyptian cotton towels

Egyptian cotton has been used for centuries in the creation of Egyptian cotton bed linens and egyptian cotton towels. These towels allow users to enjoy the comfort and warmth of wrapping their bodies in a luxurious fabric after bathing. This gives the opportunity of enjoying high quality fabric at a fraction of the price. These towels are made from natural cotton fibers, and these fibers are more effective than others at completely absorbing dampness and whisking it away from the skin. Created from the fibers of Egyptian cotton, these towels are strong, durable and designed for long term use.

Egyptian cotton is grown in the fertile soil located along the River Nile. This type of cotton has staples, or long fibers. Long staple cotton types are known for producing higher quality towels with an increase in thread count. The cotton is still picked by hand, and that guarantees it maintains the highest level of purity possible. Unlike mechanical picking, hand picking does not stress the fibers, and this allows the fibers to remain intact.

So, are you interested in buying Egyptian cotton towels, but you are worried they are out of your price range? There are several reasons why you should purchase these luxurious towels, and the bonus is you do not have to spend a fortune.

Fabric Texture
One of the first and most noticeable differences between these towels and other types of towels is the texture of the fabric. When towels are manufactured from this cotton, shoppers can simply feel the towels and experience the smoothness and softness that only Egyptian cotton can offer. The softness of the these towels can also be attributed to the thread count.

As previously mentioned, this fiber is extremely durable. In fact, the towels can withstand years of wear and tear, and washing. Towels that are made from other fabrics like cotton blends can break down after some time. Cotton blend towels are also known to pull and get tiny fabric balls. This can cause irritation on delicate skin, and can also cause itching and redness.

Towels that are made from Egyptian cotton contain microscopic spaces that allow air to flow between the stitching. This means that you remain comfortable while drying off after showering. Cotton blend towels can trap heat between you and the towel and make you feel comfortable.

Thread Count
The thread count of a towel is determined by the number of threads that are placed together within a square inch. The thread count number is found by counting the warp (lengthwise) threads and the weft (width-wise) threads. For example, 200 lengthwise threads woven with 200 width-wise threads gives the towel a thread count of 400.

Most towels on the market have a thread count of 200. At 400, a towel is softer. The higher the thread count, the more expensive the towel will be. It is common to see towels made from Egyptian cotton with an 800 or higher thread count. Egyptian cotton towels are luxurious towels that offer softness unlike any other type of towel in the world. Although luxurious, they are affordable and they provide the ultimate in durability and comfort.