Process to Create Your Own Book

create your own book

Have you ever wanted to get published? Do you dream of becoming an author, or wish that you could have a book to your name just so that you can tick off ‘write a book’ on your lifelong bucket list? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easier than ever to create your own book these days.

In the past, vanity publishers where something that only the rich and famous could afford to use. Today, they’re far more accessible, and you don’t have to order hundreds of copies of your book to get it out there. Indeed, there are print on demand publishers that will allow you to create your own book online, and then just order copies as and when you want them, with no minimum requirements. The price per copy here is higher, but if you’re making a “The history of our martial arts club” book then it makes sense to do a smaller print run, and the book itself will still be cherished by the people who do read it.

If you’ve got a collection of poems and short stories that you’ve always wanted printed, then using a ‘create your own’ service is a good way to get them put into print. If you’re looking to publish a non-fiction title to improve your profile as a professional in your field, then it could be that print on demand is the way to go if it’s a smaller, niche industry. It could also be that there are a few bigger publishers that would pick up the title, and it’s definitely worth looking at niche traditional publishers for non-fiction titles before you go the self-publishing route.

Creating a book online using a self-publishing company is a liberating experience, though. If you have a strong creative vision that you want to get out, then you should definitely give it a try. With modern editing tools you can put the words in your brain onto paper, and sort out headings, line breaks, text flow, images, and chapters without having to be a wizard with publishing tools. All the things that a traditional publisher would normally do for you can be handled automatically through easy to use software, so all you’re in charge of is making sure that the content you want to put out there is transferred to the screen.

Once you’ve written your masterpiece, you can send it to print, and get copies delivered to your door, and also market the book through social media and through other online channels. The entire process is so easy that you’ll be left wondering why more people don’t do it. Of course, we all know the answer to that – it’s easy to turn words into a printed product, but figuring out what those words should be is the hard part. The practical issue of printing a book isn’t the barrier for most people – it’s finding the creativity and the inspiration to know what to say!